There's no place like home... or is there?

If you ask someone living in another country what they miss most from "back home" the majority of the answers will involve some kind of eating - no matter if it's that special traditional dish, home-baked bread, candy or pastry. Eating is a part of your life, and missing out on those specialities can sometimes make you feel less at home.

As a young boy I enjoyed watching, learning and helping my grandmother when she baked Cinnamon Rolls in her countryside kitchen back in Sweden. I also remember driving my aunt crazy when I managed to spread cake mixture all over the kitchen in early attempts in making cupcakes.

Now - more than 20 years later - I feel I have a pretty good idea about baking classic Swedish pastry and I've come to realise that living in Catalunya my talent for baking puts me in the perfect position to help other Scandinavians feel a little bit better about their lifes as expats; to help bring "home" a little bit closer.

In the following pages you will find several types of pastries that I offer to anyone who wants to taste a piece of Sweden. Obviously I don't exclude anyone, so no matter your origin - if you find something of interest, just drop me a note and I'll get back to you as soon as possible.