Cinnamon Rolls

The Cinnamon Roll is probably the most famous and popular Swedish pastry known today, and it is quite understandable considering that it's been around since the '20-ties. It is still being baked in many Swedish homes, and one proof of popularity is the "Day of The Cinnamon Roll" that is celebrated in Sweden every 4th of October.

Filled with butter, sugar and Cinnamon and with nib sugar on top, a bite of this roll is a moment of pure pleasure. One popular way of eating it is warm with a cold glass of milk, but there's never really a bad moment for enjoying this pastry.

- How do you want your Cinnamon Roll?
Depending on your preferred size one batch is approx 40 or 24 rolls. Can be frozen.
Contains: milk, butter, flour, sugar, salt, yeast, cinnamon, cardamom, egg